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Services provided:

  • Meet with Architects and building owners to determine the best HVAC and domestic plumbing systems to design in order to meet their facility needs and code requirements.
  • Complete preliminary budget estimates of Mechanical systems in order to determine total construction budgets.
  • Conduct on-site reviews of existing facility Mechanical systems to determine needed upgrades and potential solutions to issues.
  • Design complete HVAC and piping/plumbing systems to meet building code requirements and the needs of the building owner.
  • Write complete specifications for HVAC and Plumbing systems and develop sequences of operation for mechanical systems.
  • Provide construction administration services including: Reviewing equipment submittals, providing review of the mechanical construction process, conduct construction site visits to trouble shoot any contractor issues and verify that installation is being completed per the plans and specifications, and conducted final site reviews to verify completion of the mechanical installation.

Providing System design solutions for:

  • Hot water in-floor heating systems, using electric or high-efficiency gas-fired boilers as the heating source, with multi-pump distribution system and individually controllable under-slab heating zones.
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems with vertical well fields and water-source heat-pumps.
  • Gas and electric boilers for hot water and steam heating systems.
  • Air and fluid cooled chiller systems for facility air-conditioning.
  • Air-to-air and water-to-water energy recovery systems.
  • Hot and chilled water pumping and distribution piping systems.
  • Shell and tube type, steam to hot water converter systems.
  • Commercial Kitchen exhaust and make-up air systems.
  • Industrial exhaust systems for dust collection and smoke removal.
  • Laboratory fume exhaust systems and make-up air systems.
  • Smoke removal and smoke compartment pressurization systems for multi-story facilities with open atriums and areas of refuge.
  • Hospital operating rooms and procedure room ventilation systems.
  • Pressurized clean rooms and infection control rooms.
  • Commercial floor drain and waste systems with sand and oil separation tanks for use in auto repair and public parking facilities.
  • Laboratory waste piping systems with acid resistant piping and acid neutralization tanks.
  • Commercial kitchen waste systems with grease interceptors.
  • Dialysis water production and distribution systems.
  • Domestic water heating, distribution and storage systems using natural gas, electric and steam heating sources.
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